Rubine Instant Water Heater

Model: RWH1388B/W

Colour: Black/White

Inlet: Left

Tank: Plastic 
3.3kw Heating Element 

*Inlet Pipe Not Included*

1 Year Warranty For Heater Parts By Agent

5 Years Warranty For Heating Element By Agent


Rating & Specification: 

  • Unit    RWH-1388B/W 
  • Voltage:    230V 
  • Amphere: 14.5A 
  • Min. Water Flow       lit/min       1.25L/min 
  • Max. Water Flow    lit/min       9L/min 
  • Min. Working Pressure              kPa    20 Max. 
  • Working Pressure                         kPa    600kPa 
  • Water Connection                 "BSP 0mm³      1/3 15 
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz 
  • Product Weight: 1.3Kg 
  • Splash-Proof Protection: IP25 Standard 

Rubine RWH1388B/W Instant Water Heater

SKU: 00007
  • Replacement:
    - Existing Instant Water Heaters.
    - Shower Rod. (Optional)
    - No Wiring Is Included

    New Installation:
    - Household is required to have a Heater Point & 2-way water tap or mixer tap provided by HDB.


    Replacement and new installation will not covered in CBD and Government sensitive areas, Sentosa, and Jurong Island.


    Deposit Are Non-Refundable, Items Are Non-Exchangeable.


    Please feel free to contact me @ 91091871 for more enquiries.